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Sky Daddy and the Pop Rocks

The best Traditional Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly and Surf Music in Arizona!

Sky Daddy and the Pop Rocks

A Testament to the Band:

Is there a more energetic, entertaining, and original band than Sky Daddy and the Pop Rocks?  In our experience... no!

Sky Daddy and the Pop Rocks play the absolute greatest original rockabilly and surf music in the entire state of Arizona.  To oversimplify, the key word describing the group is "FUN"!

While witnessing a performance, trust me, the audience cannot help but to have the time of their lives.  Not only do the "rocks" play their instruments very very well, but they also dance, laugh and play around while encouraging us audience attenders to do the same.  Often, they will let children jump on stage to play a percussion instrument right along with them.  The perpetual smiles on the faces of the band members from the start to the finish of EVERY show indicate that they REALLY love what they do; and it is certainly contageous.  When the lead singer / guitarist Sky "Daddy" Conwell starts to duck walk to a Chuck Berry groove -- or do the 1969 Comeback Elvis shakes --- or play his guitar like Dick Dale from behind his back --- LOOK OUT!  Somehow the word "entertaining" just doesn't cut it.

As if that wasn't enough, often the Pop Rocks have a few "surprises" planned to make the show even more memorable.  For instance, the Pop Rockettes may come up to sing and banter in their poodle skirts and full-on "Flo" attitude.  (Remember Flo from Mel's Diner?)  Or maybe the Pop Rocks Dancers come up onstage to lead the dancers in the "new dance craze that's goin' 'round".  Or perhaps they've invited local musicians from other well known bands around town to jam with them.  You just never know what to expect from the band. 

According to Brandon "Sparky" Sparks, the bass player, sometimes the band doesn't even know what to expect.  "We've come to expect the unexpected from Sky.  If we actually follow even the first two songs on the set list then it's a surprise to us all!  But again, that just makes it even more fun for everybody."

Not only is the band rediculously fun, but they are also cleverly original.

Starting out as a cover band, leader Sky "Daddy" Conwell began writing tunes in the style of the old 1950's and early 1960's rock and roll in order to avoid copyright issues while recording the compact disc, "The Two Sides of Sky Daddy & The Pop Rocks" (for sale on the website and various locations in Prescott).  The cd has been available for a year and Sky hasn't stopped writing songs!  His cleverly-written and unique tunes can be humorous, catchy, positive, and just plain infectious all at the same time.  The best way to describe the songs is also the best way to describe the band - FUN!  And nobody plays guitar like Sky.  His playing is quirky, tasteful, and raw; and it always puts a smile on the faces of those listening.

Let's not forget how talented they are!  Sky is a certified music teacher and has played in various bands of diverse styles since his high school days.  Drummer Neil "Sticks" Neideffer has played drums for the Arizona Music Revue and in venues such as the Yavapai Performance Hall and the Elk's Theatre.  "Brother" Nick Canuel will be famous some day for his skills on the electric guitar.  Mark my words!

Can you think of another band as energetic, entertaining, and original as Sky Daddy and the Pop Rocks?  Neither can we!